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You might think dance class is just a place to learn how to shake your ass and put step touch together in a graceful way…. But we’ve got a little surprise for you. Dance class at Team, Belly, Set, Go is way more than that, it is about becoming comfortable in your own body, finding your authentic voice, unleashing your wild and letting your weird get a little weirder.

Does that sound impossible or overwhelming?

We totally agree but have figured out a magic formula to slip it in here or there, so you won’t even notice it happening...


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Tessa TrueHeart

Tessa TrueHeart! Yes that's right, this buxom babe's curves won't lie. Dubbed the "no heels needed" showgirl, Tessa's bare feet and open heart are sure to leave audiences arrested in the moment. 

After graduating with a B.A. in arts and Education and a Minor in Dance from William Smith College in 2007, Tessa uprooted and moved across the country to San Francisco, CA. An immense love for dance and her adventurous and determined spirit quickly took her through the ranks, first performing with Damage Control Dance directed by Cera Byer and then teaming up with Jill Parker the mama of the fusion belly dance phenomena, working as assistant director to her company the Foxglove Sweethearts.

Tessa is now co- owner of Belly Set Go dance studio in Cortland NY where she teaches both eager young diamonds hungry for polish or seasoned performers who just want a little taste of her glitter! Known for fer evocative style that combines the languid lushness of belly dance with burlesque sensibility and sass.  Tessa strives for technical proficiency, artistic integrity and emotional strength. She is an inspirational, dynamic, gentle teacher. 

Jo Boring

Fun Starter
People Lover
Dancing Fool
Jo got on the dance train in 2005, but it wasn't until the Lunachix formed in 2013 that it kicked into high gear. Livin' and lovin' with the Chix has been her greatest source of creative inspiration. From murder mysteries to off the chain burlesque events, just try to stop their shenanigans. Ya can't.
Teaching movement to beginners is another great love. As an adult who wondered if she had any business in dance class - she learned that she did! And you do too! There is no BODY that doesn't deserve to take up glorious space in a dance class. She knows it's a little nerve inducing to start  - so she promises to always make it silly and fun.
When she isn't dancing she's scheming, making movies, being mom to the world's most righteous pre-teen, or helping students at the local high school.


We believe people's lives can change when they have permission to honor, cherish and express themselves through movement. It's time to shake off that self doubt and shimmy your way to bliss. 

You deserve to feel sexy just as you are! 

Sexy is a state of mind, not a state of body, and we're here to meet you wherever you are along your journey! Whether you are ready to dip your toe into the sensuality of belly dance, get fierce on the chair or peel it all off.

We offer Virtual Live, In Studio and ON Demand classes! Need the ability to dance whenever or wherever you want, then maybe our On Demand classes are for you. Or perhaps you do better knowing that the teacher is right there with you at a scheduled time - try our Virtual Live or In Person classes.

But maybe you'd like a little of both?!?! Ok #showtiger we've still got you covered!



Love Letters:

Michele S.

I am an experienced bellydancer. Dancing in a community brings joy. This community is so supportive. I have taken various classes for bellydance, bellydance class performance, burlesqe, chairlesque, make-up, and even a Merch shoot. Who would have thought.!? The support in this studio enables me to continue my dance journey no matter what body or ability I have. Thank you Tessa, Jo, and the tribe at Team Belly Set Go!

Deb C.

I am a novice belly and burlesque dancer. The instructors at Team Belly, Set, Go gave me the confidence to not only take lessons but to perform! I have no dance background and I am 50 years old, but think finding a new passion and a great community later in life keeps you young! Belly, Set, Go makes dance accessible and joyful for anyone!