Free BellyEsque class 10/4
Free BellyEsque class 10/4



Start Dancing Today!

Do you feel like movement can change your whole day?

Is getting to know your body and the way it moves important to you?

Are you ready to live your life with a little extra sparkle,

surrounded by fierce womxn?

Join our online space to dance on your own terms. Featuring Virtual Live and On Demand classes! 
Clear dance instruction by supportive and inspiring teachers.
 Belly Dance, Burlesque, Chair-Lesque and more! 
Be part of a positive and motivating community.

Dance : Community : Joy 

We are inspired by our desire to promote dance for everyBODY and that includes YOU! That includes you no matter your color, gender (or gender expression) sexual orientation, body type, age, financial standing or health conditions.

We want to see your body in motion and we want to see you shine. 

We've brought you top notch, yet totally down to earth instructors who are ready to bring your #showpony dream to life! Our goal is to inspire and support you on every leg of your journey, from chair dance to shimmies, glove peels, easy DIY costume and make-up tutorials. With an amazing online community to boot. 

For those of you who are ready to step into some body love, self touch, shimmy, shake, and above all sparkle! (Did you catch that we like a little glitter around here) Get ready and sign on up today! 

We created this space specifically with YOU in mind. 
Try a Free Burlesque Class

Check out our most popular memberships:

Video Ga-Ga

$18/month (lock in this price before 10.31)

On Demand classes anytime, anywhere

Get unlimited access to our entire library of On Demand videos anytime, anywhere for less than $1 a day.

  • Weekly dance playlists right to your inbox
  • 12 new tutorials a month
  • Access to master classes with the industry's best 
  • Supportive FB community 

Take Burlesque, BellyDance, Chair-Lesque, BellyEsque and even easy to follow makeup tutorials at your own pace. 

Your subscription automatically renews, so your membership is always current, you can cancel anytime. The choice is simple! 


The Whole Shebang

$55/month (lock in this price before 10.31)

Virtual Live and On Demand Classes

Are you feeling frisky? Want access to all our On Demand and Virtual Live classes? 

When you join The Whole Shebang you will have access to every Virtual Live class we offer. You are guaranteed 3 series of live classes a week (Belly Dance, Burlesque and BellyEsque)  taught by our very own Tessa TrueHeart and special guests. And remember you will have all the perks of our On Demand members! Its almost too good to be true! 

Your subscription automatically renews, so your membership is always current, you can cancel anytime. Choose this tier and be on the way to unleashing your inner dancing queen! 

JOY is waiting HERE

Can we get an Amen?! Testimonies...

Michele S.

I am an experienced bellydancer. Dancing in a community brings joy. This community is so supportive. I have taken various classes for bellydance, bellydance class performance, burlesqe, chairlesque, make-up, and even a Merch shoot. Who would have thought.!? The support in this studio enables me to continue my dance journey no matter what body or ability I have. Thank you Tessa, Jo, and the tribe at Team Belly Set Go!
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Deb C.

I am a novice belly and burlesque dancer. The instructors at Team Belly, Set, Go gave me the confidence to not only take lessons but to perform! I have no dance background and I am 50 years old, but think finding a new passion and a great community later in life keeps you young! Belly, Set, Go makes dance accessible and joyful for anyone!

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